About Me

Kate Rose, Oregon coastI grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, graduated from nursing school in Stephanie Plum’s Trenton neighborhood, and worked as a nurse practitioner on the Oregon coast. The first character I created was “Mary the Cuckoo Girl,” an adorable three year old like myself who lived behind Dutch doors on top of our kitchen laundry chute. I spent hours entertaining (mostly) myself and my long-suffering mother by throwing open the Dutch door and tap dancing, singing and reenacting laundry detergent commercials.

A near death experience in high school resulted in a brief but exciting time on a mortician’s table and a trophy for “World’s Worst Golf Cart Driver,” leading me to appreciate the absurdities in life and curiosity about the “other side.”

For me reading and writing has always been about people and their stories, just as it was when I was a hospital Candy Striper and all during my career in nursing. Except now I get to give breath to the characters that have been pestering me for years and the paperwork I do is for fun. Plus, I don’t have to wear those darn gloves.

My stories are filled with quirky characters in and out of this world. If you liked Station Blues, you might like the second book in the Caden Lake Series, Hollywood Ever After, which follows Jessie’s sister Maura from her life as a Hollywood ex-wife to helping rebuild lives in her hometown.

The Day Mr. Serling Wasn’t Home and Other Short Stories is an eclectic group of short stories. The title story is a tribute to Rod Serling, who continues to inspire me fifty years after I first saw The Twilight Zone.

Pulse, a fantasy, starts a new series that follow a close-knit family who drive each other crazy and just happen to live eternally. No one sparkles, but they can be quite colorful.

I live within earshot of foghorns in Puget Sound with my family, slightly off-kilter rescue animals and the ghosts of critters past. I like to pretend traffic rhythm is the ocean and when I’m not writing or playing with the wee folks, I’m searching for my reading glasses.

I appreciate every one of you who take the time to read my stories. I hope you have as much fun with them as I did writing them. I love to connect with readers and hope you will contact me. I respond to all messages, whenever I find my glasses.

Send me an email by clicking on the “Contact Me” button or send directly to: katerosewrites at gmail dot com.

Or friend me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/katerosewrites


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