The Caden Lake Series

FIVE STARS! “Great Book. As a daughter of a police officer, and now a firefighter’s wife, I could really relate to this story. I have felt, and still feel that kind of worry. Katie Rose made you feel like Jessie, Danny and “Goose” were one of the family. This story will make you laugh out loud, and warm your heart. I can’t wait for the next book!” (Amazon reviewer)

FIVE STARS! “A Delightful Story. Station Blues is a fabulous book. I haven’t curled up on a Sunday and enjoyed myself so much reading in a long time. I couldn’t put it down, it has just the right amount of laughter, joy and tears. I ended up reading the whole book in a day. So, not like me. I highly recommend it!!” (Amazon reviewer)

Station Blues (The Caden Lake Series: Book One)

Third generation firefighter Danny Hughes has life right where he wants it—doing the work he loves, in the town he loves, eager to be kindergarten volunteer for the nephew he loves. Life is pretty perfect—until his nephew’s class comes to the fire station on a field trip and Danny sees new teacher Jessie McIntyre, ten years after her father died fighting a fire.

Jessie is back in her hometown, convinced she’s put the grief of losing her father and her childhood crush on Danny far behind. But now her new classroom “helper” is determined to be teacher’s pet. With a little help from family, friends, and a cast of small town characters who know these two belong together, Jessie must make the decision to stay closed off from love, or come to grips with her pain and grief and make the leap of faith love will overcome fear.

Hollywood Ever After (Book Two: The Caden Lake Series)  

A year after divorcing her philandering movie star husband, Maura McIntyre is enjoying a life of peaceful anonymity. Between opening an inn and volunteering with the local summer theater, this small town former “starter wife” is putting tabloids, strippers, and one annoying DEA movie consultant behind her.

But a case of mistaken identity during a botched drug raid has Maura face down, handcuffed and furious—only to discover the arresting agent is the same man who was her husband’s “adviser” in every strip joint in Hollywood.

Now her life is back under the spotlight, her ex is trying to shine his tarnished star by winning her back, and a persistent federal agent is trying to convince her he could be the last leading man she’ll ever need.


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